A self photo of the author to Vera This, Vera That, Mx. (pronounced “mixter”) Vera “Dee” Didenko.

Greetings! My name is Vera Didenko, also known as Vera Dee. Please watch your step and remember to use they/them pronouns as you tour my blog.

Since 1996, I have scoured all over the internet and social media (yes, that includes America Online). In 1999, I made my first website through Angelfire (‘memba them?), called “The Land of the Twisted Minds.” In 2008, I became a member of DailyKos (my account is still there because no one gets deleted from there, heh), and in 2012, I briefly joined the ranks on Tumblr. Unbeknownst to me, my little stories and pseudo-diary entries between those two platforms would become my micro entries into the world of blogging.

So in 2015, I made the step in creating my first official blog, “This, That, and Vera.” It talked about my life as an autistic individual coming to terms with types 1 and 2 of post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2017, I debuted “Shaker Squared,” a blog with a different style on the same topic. In 2018, I returned to “This, That and Vera,” before trying another blog, “A Cerebral Prison.” By the end of 2018, I had removed all of my blogging materials and called it a day.

In my social media retirement, I decided to do some self searching. What had actually happened was more than I would ever imagine. I went into retirement as an angry child looking to cling on to something and came out of it as an adult ready to take over the world. I had a hysterectomy done. I officially went off hormone replacement therapy in line with my gender identity (I call my gender “brat” because it encompasses my gendervagueness and transmasculine dreams). I became a bat mitzvah at my synagogue at the age of 38. And, I moved out of a small room with an adjacent bathroom near the burbs to a full one-bedroom two-bathroom unit in the heart of my city.

Prior to my foray into blogging, I was, among other jobs, a copywriter for a small radio station conglomerate in North Central Ohio and an accounting technician with the Department of Defense. I was also a Certified Radio Operator (CRO) with the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

Yes, it is true. I am disabled. However, I am not dead. As long as I live, I will do whatever it takes to share my truth to whoever is willing to receive the message. And also make sure my cat is taken care of.

Enjoy the rest of your tour here. Remember to tip your guides well.

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