Gotta Keep ‘Em Stimulated

Lucky for me, I was able to change my postal address in time so I could receive my Economic Impact Payment, better known as “the stimulus check.” Unlucky for me, I still need to remind myself to always wear my glasses before blogging (or social media engaging before that matter).

So, I got my $1,200. What to do with all that free money?

For me, besides buying food and whatever cleaning supplies are left at the grocery store, I finally decided to upgrade my blogging and printing needs.

Did I buy a laptop? Nope, not this time.

I found something much more affordable and economical: a wireless mobile keyboard.

For only a mere $25, I can now post blogs using all of my digits (and not just my thumbs) in the comfort of my confines. This one in particular is foldable, which is convenient, except I have to get used to the middle portion, where some of the keys are wider than others. And the best part? I can make the screen keyboard disappear simply by modifying the settings on my phone so that I have a wider screen capacity to see just what the hell I’m typing.

The other thing I purchased was a long time coming: a wireless printer.

As much as I love to go to my local library and print to my heart’s content, they’re closed and I want to print stuff for my own record. It hasn’t arrived just yet (I had to order it yesterday because a printer I previously bought wasn’t wireless after further investigation and thus returned to its store), nonetheless I can’t wait for it to get here. Whenever I need to print documents (because publicly funded housing), I will have the capability at my fingertips.

Is that all I bought? Of course not.

I had to buy some clothes, because apparently the quarantine incubation period diet is clearly a thing. I am a couple of pounds away from my all-high weight of 350 lbs. Yeah, not exactly helping my lung capacity on that front. I would take m bicycle outside but it’s fucking 35°F outside. With snow. In got damn May. Welcome to The Land.

I do understand the frustration of some folks who don’t believe some of us on the dole (VA, SSA, RR, SSDI, SSI, SNAP, WIC, etc.) should be receiving more “free” handouts from the government. I would agree, except they’re not “free,” they were paid for by our American taxpayer dollars, something I once was before medically retiring in 2013. So, if there is anyone that needs to fulfill their American duty on behalf of the Taxpayer, it is us, the Recipients, to restart our flailing economy during the Trump Depression.

Oh, and I also got a microwave to compliment my housing-provided stove (range, for you West Coasters), kitchen sink, and refrigerator-freezer combo.

In the midst of all of this stimulus, there is also recognition of the 76,000 (as of this post) American lives lost to COVID-19, as I offer my deepest condolences to the loved ones affected by this viral disease. May each of their memories be a blessing.

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Disabled autistic writer and blogger.

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